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Re.: More small building blocks

Nov 3, 2011 at 4:36 AM

I think Dan pleaded for keeping the MW desktop as well as agreeing with the 'small building blocks'.

I do so too.

Without any in depth knowledge about the intricacies of creating what is now MW 4.8 or doing so for 4.9, here my two pennies worth from the view point of a basic user/potential special application programmer:

  1. make MW desktop as slim as possible with the ability to load a wide range of processing tools (dlls on the fly, plug-ins, ..)
      • common clear interface to tools dll's and/or ocx, well documented, and to allow user to create special tools
      • basic tools loaded at start of MW-desktop as specified in a desktop_tools.mwprj file (text or xml format)
      • also include in desktop functionality to access a tools list file for loading additional tools dll's (as separate dll or part of ocx)
      • tools list file (e.g. MW_tools.mwprj) listing all available tools (needs to be maintained for new tools by MW team and/or special application programmer)
      • create a facility to have a tool's user documentation on the finger tips when a tool is selected inside MW
    • create the desktop just as it were one of the possible special MW desktop user applications
      • so that it can be used as a start-up template for a user's own special application with
    • add a run time process step recorder (save) and play back (load) facility: to allow process steps to be applied to other layer/layer combination (automatically). See Esri Model-builder.
  2. All this sounds more like refining and continuing work on 4.8. But,...
  3. If you feel, that it is better programming wise to move to anther language (e.g. VS2010 C#, ..) and to change from WinForm to WPF, etc. (and why not?) a clean cut to MW 4.9 is fine with me.
    • using one and the same language makes more sense to me. Which one, this question is beyond me. You decide, you are the experts.
  4. What I wish for is
    • a consistent/common user interface for both, the desktop and any user written application and tools
    • easy accessible and understandable documentation for
      • users wishing to use any of the tools (how to use them in a project) and
      • application programmers concerning the interfaces of tools and utilities (how to call them in a program)

Hope this makes some sense.

Cheers, Gerd

Nov 3, 2011 at 2:35 PM

Thanks Gerd,

I agree more or less on all of them.

Documentation wasn't mentioned before but we really need it (this time).
If we developers try to document our code consistently we should be able to generate most of the documentation.

A quite from a Tweet today: "Documentation is like sex. When it's good, it's oh-so-good. When it's bad it's better than nothing." - Dick Brandon