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Table editor

Nov 3, 2011 at 3:52 PM

The current table editor is working good but is written in VB.NET.

So at least it needs to be rewritten in C# and most likely it can be optimized as well.
This might require some additional modification in the ocx.
For example to use LINQ in this plug-in the Table object in the ocx needs to implement IEnumerable (don't know if this is even possible).

New features:

  • Partially loading of data. Initial show only the first 100 records or so, like professional database editors (Toad, etc.) do as well.
    Scrolling, querying and sorting will load all data.
  • Multi-threading. When loading data, but also when sorting and querying.
  • Join data. External data should be joined with the attribute data of the shapefile.
    - An option to copy the data should be present.
    - An option to save the join in the project file is needed, meaning when a layer is loaded it will rejoin with the external data.
    - Categories (colors, charts and labels) should be generated using the joined data.
    - Editing joined data should also be possible.
  • Better integration with the identifier tool