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MapWindow GIS 4.2

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Released: Oct 5, 2006
Updated: Jul 14, 2011 by Dantames
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Application MapWindow42SR.exe
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Application MapWindow42CFInstall.exe
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Release Notes

File Description

This release includes 2 files:
*MapWindow42SR.exe - Full Installer for MapWindow 4.2
*MapWindow42CFInstall.exe - Common Files installer for use with custom GIS software based on MapWindow

What's New in 4.2?

• Automatic watershed delineation tool improvements:
o Added mask capability using raster, polygon and specific zoom area masks
o Improved outlet editing
o Improved functionality of main user interface

• Improved geoprocessing functions:
o Improved centroid calculation to handle 4 quadrants and clockwise counterclockwise polygons.
o Now correctly calculates multi-part areas and can calculate a single centroid for a multipart shape.
o New functions for AreaOfPart, CentroidOfPart, supported. Also GetPartBounds, which tests a polygon and partindex and returns the first and last point.

• Data API Improvements
o Incorporated the latest GDAL which includes the fix Frank Warmerdam did for us with respect to handling of null values in attribute tables.
o Fixed 'Attempt to read or write protected memory' errors
o Corrected CShapefile::SaveAs to save projection data along with the shapefile.
o Incorporated the GDAL ASCII data type detection fix.
o Added ability to assign image projection.
o Better error catching on grid opening.
o Added a GetProjection and SetProjection function to the Image class and exposed it through the COM interface.

• Visualization Improvements
o Fixed problem with grid coloring and white blotch areas on elevation peaks.

• General MapWindow application bug fixes and enhancements
o Added ability to detect plug-ins inside of subfolders that have special attributes, e.g. read only or hidden.
o Fixed multiple MapWinGIS memory problems.
o Change to Error Dialog to make 'More Info' appear on top instead of behind other windows.
o Fixed the "Ever Shrinking Preview Map" problem.
o Added custom projection support for MW 4.2 -- choose 'Custom Projection' from the projection listing to get a heavily tweaked version of the ATC projector's projection selection dialog.
o Fixed bug: incorrect lat/long measurements.
o AddLayer now sets the Modified flag when called from a plug-in.
o Show version in title bar at all times.
o Cleaner loading of old default.mwcfg files.
o Fix of recent projects duplications due to bad RemoveMenu function.
o Fixed exception in Remove and RemoveSubMenusFromMenuTable - both could not handle ToolStripSeparator items.
o Fixed inability to save a coloring scheme with null values.
o Consider map units and/or display units when generating hard-copy scale bars.
o Changed the Error Dialog to immediately write config file after change of 'Don't Send This' preference in case the error will cause immediate termination and thus never writes config file
o Display better info in project settings dialog - nice names and descriptions.
o Fixed null value gibberish in table editor

• Major overhaul of the GUI for MapWindow version 4.2 to include:
o Added dockable free-floating toolbars using ToolStrip and MenuStrip.
o Added ability for plug-ins to create docked panels within MapWindow.
o Changed Identifier to use the new plug-in panel approach.
o Removed error-prone splitter, replaced with the newer version.
o New and improved handling of combo boxes added to toolbars.

• Miscellaneous:
o Updated MapWinGeoProc flow area calculator and added a trimming algorithm to cut the river-intersecting cells to the river.
o Added shape string serialization to store geometry in MySQL and Oracle geodatabases.
o Constructed new slope algorithm and included in MapWinGeoProc.

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