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MapWindow GIS 4.5

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Downloads: 469
Released: Jun 8, 2008
Updated: Jul 14, 2011 by Dantames
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Application MapWindow45SR.exe
application, 34939K, uploaded Jul 13, 2011 - 375 downloads

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Application MapWindow45CFInstall.exe
application, 20535K, uploaded Jul 14, 2011 - 94 downloads

Release Notes

File Description

This release includes 2 files:
  • MapWindow45SR.exe - Full installer for MapWindow 4.5
  • MapWindow45CFInstall.exe - Common Files installer for use with custom GIS software based on MapWindow

What’s New in 4.5?

MapWindow Application changes:
  • Added hectares to unit lists
  • Correction for memory leaks and locking when removing some layers and groups
  • Bug 461 – Export Selected Shapes fails if datatype is Z or M
  • Added readonly shapefile warnings to shapefile editor and MapWindow
  • Added a “Bookmark View” capability
  • Speed improvements for labeling
  • Fix to allow use of images in plug-in menu and toolbar items
  • Fixed rendering of polygons with holes
  • Added ability to change map background color
  • Bug 489 – inconsistent reading of extended label properties
  • Added string functions to table editor – trim, substring, toupper, tolower
  • Greek translation added (Πρόσθεσε μια ελληνική μετάφραση για MapWindow)
  • Corrected grid translation from FLT (grid-float) format
  • Added a Farsi (Persian) language translation
  • Bug 501 – project modified flag inconsistencies
  • Bug 495 – Multiplier on Change Grid Format Added
  • Bug 502 – Mouse wheel behavior is now customizable (invertible)
  • Added new smaller plug-in types
  • Better Intellisense-like editor for scripts
  • Improved keyboard shortcuts
  • Corrected Spanish translation errors
  • Bug 550 – Incorrect layer reordering when reopening a project file
  • Bug 536, 537 – Ability to click an URL in identifier or table editor and launch it in a browser window
  • Bug 524 – Ability for point coloring scheme to specify “none” as an icon
  • Bug 566 – an “mwsr”-like file for grids
  • Bug 647 – Allow reordering of color breaks in scheme editor
  • Bug 560 – Ability for a plug-in to catch the file drop event on the map
  • Bug 672 – Shapefile editor consistency issues
  • Corrected missing texts in Czech locale
  • Bug 494, 651 – Enhancements to identifier and table editor

MapWinGIS ActiveX and Core changes:
  • Memory leak fixes for JPG format
  • Corrected occasional crash on closure of MapWinGIS.Image
  • Bug 512: Corrected bad rendering of holes when set to % transparent display
  • Fix rounding issues on large negative nodata values
  • Increased file handles to 2048 for large projects
  • Implemented “Justify: None” option for labels
  • Memory management fixes
  • Added ability to specify visibility in a coloring scheme break
  • Bug 658 – Image GetProjection fails to close file, and returns WKT instead of PROJ4
  • Added InsertAt() function to ShapefileColorScheme and GridColorScheme objects
  • Bug 658 – Dangerous memory accesses fixed
  • MWShapeID field search is now case insensitive (bug 672)
  • Bug 683 – Unneeded break might cause errors in SelectShapes
  • Bug 687 – Shape selection order causes problems in multipart polygons

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