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MapWindow GIS 4.8.3

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Released: Jun 22, 2011
Updated: Oct 3, 2011 by danames
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Release Notes

What’s New in 4.8 R2 (4.8.3)
• The installer was enhanced. It will now detect if previous versions of MapWindow has been installed and will uninstall it.
The GDAL library has been upgraded to v1.8
The GEOS library has been upgraded to v3.3.0
The LizardTech SDK has been upgraded to v8
The ECW library has been upgraded to v4.2
The toolbar has been changed, it has been split in several smaller ones, larger and new button images are used.
The menu has been reordered.
The projections library from our sister project: DotSpatial has been added. This did increase the size of the installer to 43MB.
A new symbology routine has been added. This is probably the largest and most exciting change. It is now possible to use gradient, textures and hatching to fill your polygons. Icons, fonts and symbols can be used for your points and you can create custom line styles be combining different lines together.
The new symbology routine includes working with categories and color schemes.
A new labeler has been added and charts (bar or pie) can be added to your maps.
Labels and charts can be moved using the new label mover.
The legend has been updated.
The GIS Tools has been extended with forms to use the GEOS methods (fast geo-spatial methods like clipping, intersect, union)
The Clipper library has been added to the ocx. It is similar as GEOS but works much faster with large datasets.
New plug-ins has been added for Kriging, accessing geo-databases like SpatiaLite and PostGIS and geo-referencing and geo-rectifying images.
The Watershed delineation plug-in has been updated and is now using TauDEM v5.

And of course a lot of bugs have been fixed.
Use for a list.

What’s New in 4.8 RC1 (4.8.1)
• The installer was rebuild from scratch. All files are checked if they need to be installed.
This resulted in a much slimmer installer (25MB instead of 40MB).
• MapWindow v4.8 requires now Windows XP or higher and .NET Framework v3.5.
• The used supporting libraries (GDAL, GEOS, PROJ4, etc.) have been updated to their latest stable versions.
• The GPC library is no longer used, because of its unclear license.
• A bookmark menu has been added.
• Some events in the legend control have been fixed, added or enhanced.
• A new, better looking, labeler has been added to MapWinGIS (ocx). In this version the labeler can only be used in your custom application or using a plug-in or script, the Labeler plug-in in MapWindow is not yet updated.
• A new toolstrip is being used to replace the standard Microsoft toolstrip.
A new plug-in: Balloon identifier

A lot of bugs have been solved:
• 1086 plugin->online data->settings and preferences->port number
• 1304 Installation should not require reboot if Visual C++ redist already installed
1359 Version 4.7 uninstall removes whole Program Files\MapWindow tree
• 1432 System.TypeInitializationException
• 1466 Script Window's intellisense do not recognize any MapWindow's assemblies
• 1487 Filed splitter function in Table editor
• 1496 Uninstalling removes all files, not just MW files
1519 Online data plug-in Any time I add a layer to MapWindow from an online server, it is added, but all I see is blank window
1520 Field Calculator, invalid functions that use two or more input parameters
1524 Online data plug-in Saved layers aren't opened
• 1528 BugIsValid() on 64Bit always false
• 1529 Supporting libraries Update libtiff to latest version
• 1531 Activating button when other frame active
1536 Table editor Incorrect table records count when opening table
• 1542 Supporting libraries Update libecw to latest version
• 1543 UPS North Projection string
• 1544 Supporting libraries Update MathParser to latest version
• 1554 Enhancement Implement IsValidReason()
• 1559 Supporting libraries Update PROJ4 to latest version
• 1560 Supporting libraries Update SpatialIndex to latest version
• 1572 Incorrect Layer Handle After New Project
• 1573 SettingsString empty in MW 4.7.5
• 1580 IPlugIn.LayerSelected F

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