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MapWindow GIS v4.8.6 - Final release - 32Bit

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Released: Nov 4, 2011
Updated: Nov 5, 2011 by pmeems
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Release Notes

This is the final release of MapWindow v4.8. It has 4.8.6 as version number.
This version has been thoroughly tested.
If you do get an exception send the exception to us. Don't forget to include your e-mail address.
Use the forums at for questions.
Please consider donating a small portion of the money you have saved by having free GIS tools:

What’s New in 4.8.6 (Final release)
· A few minor issues have been fixed

What’s New in 4.8.5 (Beta release)
· Assign projection tool. (Sergei Leschinsky)
Projection dialects. (Sergei Leschinsky)
Projections database converted to SQLite format. (Sergei Leschinsky)
Basic code for database support - will be developed further (ShapefileDataClient class, IDataProvider interface). (Sergei Leschinsky)
'Export shapefile to database' tool. (Sergei Leschinsky)
Made the GEOS library static. geos.dll is no longer needed. (Sergei Leschinsky)
Modified menu icons and toolbar images, created by DaPino (
Added label icon to the legend for quick access to label set-up. (Sergei Leschinsky)
Fixed issue #1987: Exception in ClipGridWithPolygon. (Paul Meems)
Fixed issue #1997: Reprojecting .tifs gives bad results. (Chris George)

What’s New in 4.8 R3 (4.8.4)
· Numerous enhancements and bug fixes in the symbology plug-in. (Sergei Leschinsky)
The DotSpatial projection library has been removed again, because it was not mature enough. GDAL/OGR with Proj4 and a EPSG database is now implemented for handling the projections. (Sergei Leschinsky)
Because the projection routine is now in the OCX, several classes and properties (GeoProjection class) have been added. (Sergei Leschinsky)
The GDAL library has been upgraded to v1.8.1 (Paul Meems)
The GEOS library has been upgraded to v3.3.0. (Paul Meems)
Made the Proj4 library static, meaning no need for a separate proj.dll anymore. (Paul Meems)
Removed the Xerces library, because it wasn't used. (Paul Meems)
Several hard-coded settings have been added as applications settings. (Tevaganthan Veluppillai)
Several issues with the print lay-out tool have been fixed. (Brian Marchionni)
Some icons in the menu and toolbar were updated or added. (Paul Meems)
The print lay-out tool is using a default template on open, making instant maps. (Paul Meems)
A plug-in base class was added, making it even easier to create plug-ins. (Matthew Klein)
The GIS Tools have been converted to a Toolbox and you can add custom tools to it as well. And several new tools have been added. (Sergei Leschinsky)
A set of raster tools were added. (Bhaskar Reddy Pulsani)
The documentation has been updated: (Dan Ames)
The MapWindow website has been updated: (Dan Ames)
Added several images that can be used as point symbols in the new symbology. (Paul Meems)
Changed the mouse cursors. (Paul Meems)
The table editor has been improved; it is much faster now. (Sergei Leschinsky)
The ocx can now read and write project files. (Sergei Leschinsky)
Added World Topo Map and World Street Map from ArcGIS Online as tiles servers to the tiles plug-in. (Paul Meems)
Added dynamic visibility to the tiles in the tiles plug-in. This makes zooming much faster. (Paul Meems)
Added the 'Validate shapefile' tool to the toolbox, makes the errors visible. (Sergei Leschinsky)
When doing spatial operations (union, etc.) invalid shape with small areas (<1m2) are not added to the result file. (Sergei Leschinsky)
Implemented MapWinGeoProc.SpatialOperations.ConvexHull. (Paul Meems)
Created MapWinGeoProc.SpatialOperations.CreateCentroids. (Paul Meems)
Added 'Create centroid' tool to the toolbox. (Paul Meems)
Improved memory handling and other minor changes to the AWD plug-in. (Paul Meems)
Link to Donate page ( added to the Help menu, Welcome screen and installer. (Paul Meems)
Added help file about how to install MPICH for TauDEM. (Paul

Reviews for this release

Finally, we got here a great GIS tool! One of the previous version drawback was the lack of DATUM shift; now, it is very straightforward to define the projections for layers, shapes, images and grids! Congratulations for all the MapWindow team.
by Sobral on May 21, 2012 at 6:02 PM
Great stuff, especially the OCX that allows you to create your own GIS applications. The only drawback: It is hardly documented. I would definitely reward it with 5 stars if the documentation would catch up with the product.
by DerBeobachter on Jan 11, 2012 at 1:18 PM
yes ,i want research the spatial relation of geometry,and how to develop my self gis software.i have de the version of 4.5,now i thinks that maybe something new
by huih_2001 on Dec 20, 2011 at 12:47 PM