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CreateNew(string Filename, MapWindow.Interfaces.Raster.GridFileType newFileType, double dX, double dY, double xllCenter, double yllCenter, double noDataVal, string projection, int nCols, int nrows, MapWindow.Interfaces.Raster.GridDataType DataType, bool CreateINRam, double initialValue, bool applyinitialValue)


Creates a new instance of a MapWinGIS Grid according to the parameters required by IRaster


Name Description
Filename The string full path filename of the grid
newFileType A MapWindow.Interfaces.Type.GridFileType specifying a file format
dX Double, specifies the cell width of a single "pixel" for the grid
dY Double, specifies the cell height of a single pixel of the grid
xllCenter Double, The longitude/X-coordinate of the lower left pixel in the grid
yllCenter Double, The latitude/Y-coordinate of the lower left pixel of the grid
noDataVal Double, The value to use as a no-data value in the grid
projection String: the proj-4 string to use to describe the grid projection
nCols Int, the number of columns in the grid
nrows Int, the number of rows in the grid
DataType A MapWindow.Interfaces.Type.GridDataType that specifies the numeric data format
CreateINRam Boolean, if true, the entire element will be created in ram
initialValue The intial value for the grid
applyinitialValue I'm not sure this is an option in the old grid

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