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Name Description
AspectMovingWindow Aspect calculation
Buffer Summary description for BufferPoly.
ClipGridWithPoly Clips a grid so that it contains only data that falls within the polygon.
ClipLineSFWithPoly ClipLines defines internal functions for clipping lines with polygons.
ClipPointSFWithPoly Functions for clipping a point shapefile with a polygon.
ClipPolySFWithPoly Functions for clipping a polygon shapefile with an outside polygon.
clsMergeShapefiles Class to merge shapefiles
CrossSection This class stores the functions dealing with cross sections of elevation grids.
DataManagement The DataManagement namespace will contain basic file handling routines such as copy and delete, as well as some more complex methods for appending and merging..
Enumerations Contains enumerated types used in the MapWinX library.
Erase The erase functions remove portions of the input shapefile that fall within the erase polygon(s).
Error Class for recording and retrieving error messages.
FlowArea FlowArea provides users the ability to form flow areas from a D8 grid, source polygon, and stream network
Globals Internal class that provides methods common to several members of MapWinGeoProc.
GridWrapper Summary description for GridWrapper.
HillshadeMovingWindow Hillshade calculation
Hydrology The Hydrology algorithms are especially designed for working with DEMs in the context of modeling hydrological processes.
ImageAnalysis Contains static functions for image transforms, especially filters
Interpolation Class to hold interpolation functions
MapWinException This class can be used to efficiently specify an appropriate exception based on the error code returned by any of the MapWinGIS classes
Mean5MovingWindow 8 by 8 mean moving window
Merge Functions for merging two shapes of the same type into one (if possible).
MovingWindow A moving window class is a base structure for a variable size moving window terrain analysis. the default is a 3 by 3 mean window
NRings Organizes linear rings into polygons
NTS_Adapter This is a standard adapter that can convert between MapWinGIS.Shapes and Geometries
NTS_Functions This enables easier access to some NTS functions
PlanCurvatureMovingWindow Planiform curvature calculation
PointExporter This class converts an array of [x,y,z] coordinates to a shapefile or text file
ProfileCurvatureMovingWindow Profile curvature calculation
RasterProximity Methods for calculating raster distance (proximity). The algorithms used are based on the GDAL tools. For each raster cell, the shortest euclidean distance to the nearest 'target' cell is calculated. The 'target' cells are all cells that have a user-specified value.
ScaleTools Returns an extent based on a passed in scale and centerPoint
Selection Provides functions for selecting lines/points/polygons from a shapefile that intersect with any given polygon.
SlopeMovingWindow Slope calculations
SpatialJoinTypes An enumeration which is intended to eventually contain a list of spatial join types (only nearest is supported)
SpatialOperations Contains public methods for users to clip grids and shapes with.
SpatialReference Projects all points in a grid or shapefile from the original coordinate system to a new coordinate system using Proj.4 (proj.dll).
TerrainAnalysis TerrainAnalysis provides functionality for terrain analysis which is not directly part of the Hydrologic analysis found in HydroProc.cls
UnitConverter Class for converting between different distance / area units
Utils Utils provides a collection of methods ranging from file conversion to finding a point on a shape.

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