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Bugs in Selection of shapes when start editing

May 2, 2014 at 11:24 AM
I am writing codes with mapwingis.ocx. I got a bug in selection of shapes when startediting of multiple parts polylines shapefile.
My shape file is a 2D polyline shapefile. Each shape is composed of a straight centre line segement for the first part. The second part is a rectangle polylines bounding both ends of the straight line. I have created and loaded the spatial index file, .mwd and .mwx file.
I found that the function of select shape works properly in normal operation. However, when I use the code "StartEditingShapes", the selection of shapes failed if I only drag a selection box to the center line part. I had tried to set either the UseSpatialIndex or UseQtree to be true or false. The function "Selectshapes" failed at last.
Could anyone give solution to me?
Thank you.