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MapWindow GIS 4.3

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Downloads: 501
Released: Apr 9, 2007
Updated: Jul 14, 2011 by Dantames
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Application MapWindow43SR.exe
application, 31410K, uploaded Jul 13, 2011 - 407 downloads

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Application MapWindow43CFInstall.exe
application, 19106K, uploaded Jul 14, 2011 - 94 downloads

Release Notes

File Description

This release includes 2 files:
*MapWindow43SR.exe - Full installer for MapWindow 4.3
*MapWindow43CFInstall.exe - Common Files installer for use with custom GIS software based on MapWindow

What’s New in 4.3?

• MapWindow Application changes:
o Significant contributions to Shapefile Editor 4.3 courtesy of StrateGis Groep (
o New Plug-in to ship with MapWindow 4.3: PostGIS Data Access
o New Plug-in to ship with MapWindow 4.3: ArcIMS and OGC Online Data Plug-In
o New Plug-in to ship with MapWindow 4.3: Automatic Watershed Delineation
o Fixed - Can't select a shape with a single click.
o Fixed - Set project modified flag on plug-in load changes.
o Bug Fix – Re-center the hotspot of the Identifier cursor onto the crosshairs.
o Bug Fix - Ability to open a project file into a group in the current project.
o Added 2 projections: "Lambert 2 (Central France)" and "Lambert 2-Wide (Étendu)".
o Added ShapeX, ShapeY, ShapeZ functions to the Field Calculator for point shapes.
o Sorted the function list in Field Calculator.
o Corrected the Greek Grid projection definition.
o Added a "/resettodefaults" command line option which deletes the two main configuration files, thereby restoring defaults.
o Bug Fix - Key presses in the docked legend editor are caught by the map and therefore pans around and prompts to remove layers inappropriately.
o Fix for a "File In Use" warning when adding layers.
o Corrected randomized colors after choosing new colors when creating a ramp on non-numeric values in the Legend Editor.
o Bug Fix - Reset icon on opening new project.
o Bug Fix - Coloring scheme continuous ramp acts strangely with 1 break.
o Bug Fix - Floating scale bar options improved and enhanced.
o Bug Fix - Set to Zoom mode when creating a new project or loading a project.
o Use any existing “mwleg” file, if present, even if bitmap is missing.
o Allow docking of the Legend Editor window into the MapWindow main window.
o Renamed Amersfoort projection to Dutch RD.
o Added the ability for Plug-ins to place layers above currently selected layer easily.
o Extended the plug-in interface to allow developers to create a UIPanel with the autohide dock feature.
o Create “mwsr” files containing shapefile rendering information. This provides a way to bring up better "default" coloring for a shapefile. This won't conflict with project-level coloring information.
o More tolerant detection of the projection in use.
o Corrected behavior of RemoveGroup to select a valid layer if possible rather than selecting nothing.
o Bug Fix - The red box in the preview map "jumps" when you let go of the mouse button.
o Bug Fix - Show the projection information in Layer Properties.
o Bug Fix - The right-click context menu for Groups appears in the wrong place.
o Bug Fix - More consistent text in the Legend Editor.
o Corrected icon transparency problems for point shapefiles.
o Added to the Legend Editor the ability to specify multiple point icons for a single point shapefile layer.
o Added an event to the Legend for developers: GroupExpandedChanged(int handle, bool Expanded)
o Changing group expansion now triggers the project modified flag.
o Exposed the color ramp dialog on IMapWin.UserInteraction for developers.
o Bug Fix - Table Editor Field Calculator enhancements and additional functionality, including dozens more functions.
o Added ArcMap-Like dropdown toolbar functionality.
o Color Ramp Color Selector screen has been redesigned.
o Fixed incorrect boundary checks on IdentifiedShapes properties for developers.
o Bug Fix - Correct the default transparency setting (show solid) if transparency is not found in the project file.
o Fix for rare file-in-use exception when using two instances of MapWindow.
o Bug Fix - Show an estimated uncompressed data size for ArcInfo grids instead of leaving blank.
o Selected shapes are now shown with a transparent fill.
o Fixed a crash in Print dialog when no printers are installed.

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