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BufferPolygonSF(ref string polySFPath, ref string resultSFPath, double distance, bool uniteOverlaps, MapWinGeoProc.Enumerations.Buffer_HoleTreatment holeTreatment, MapWinGeoProc.Enumerations.Buffer_CapStyle capStyle, int numQuadrants)


Buffers all polygons in the input polygon shapefile.


Name Description
polySFPath Full path to the polygon shapefile.
resultSFPath Full path to the resulting buffer shapefile.
distance Distance (in units) from polygon border at which the associated buffer should be created.
uniteOverlaps True if overlapping shapes should be combined.
holeTreatment How holes are to be treated. 0 == ignore, 1 == opposite, 2 == same
capStyle Edge treatment. 0 = pointed, 1 = rounded.
numQuadrants Smoothness of rounded edge. Smaller number = smoother circle.


False if an error was encountered, true otherwise.

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