Wrap any calls to this in a try block to catch exceptions. Errors occuring in Methods without a boolean return type will throw exceptions if there is an error.


Name Description
Property BandCount Not Implemented
PropertyBlue CanCreate Not Implemented
Property DataType Returns the m_Grid.DataType, converted into a newMapWindow.Interfaces.Types.GridDataType
PropertyBlue DialogFilter Returns the MapWinGIS.CdlgFilter
Property Dx Gets or sets the Grid.Header.Dx
PropertyBlue Dy Gets or sets the Grid.Header.Dx
Property Envelope Gets an Envelope
PropertyBlue Filename Gets the filename currently associated with the MapWinGIS.Grid if any.
Property HasTransparency Not Implemented
PropertyBlue Height I am not sure if this is supposed to be the NumRows... but that is what I am returning here
Property ICallBack Gets or Sets a MapWinGIS.ICallback to be used for future function calls that take an ICallback parameter.
PropertyBlue IsInRam Gets a Boolean that is true if the grid is being stored in ram.
Property Item(System.Int32,System.Int32) The default indexing of a raster specifies the column and row values for accessing a particular value.
PropertyBlue LastError Gets the string of the last error message that occured within the grid
Property Maximum Returns the maximum value from the grid.
PropertyBlue Minimum Returns the minimum value from the grid
Property NoDataValue Gets or Sets the value that the grid should use to store no-data
PropertyBlue OpenedBand Not Implemented (MapWindow 5.0 Capability)
Property Projection Gets or Sets the Proj-4 string to use with this grid.I think the grid still has to have Save() called to actually write the file.
PropertyBlue Width Not Implemented
Property XllCenter Gets or Sets the double value representing the X-coordinate, or longitude,for the center of the cell in the lower left corner of the grid.
PropertyBlue YllCenter Gets or Sets the double value representing the Y-coordinate, or latitude,for the center of the cell in the lower left corner of the grid.


Name Description
Method CellToProj Given a Row and Column, it figures out the georeferenced X, Y location corresponding to the center of that grid cell.
MethodBlue CellToProjX Finds the X-coordinate or Longitude corresponding to the specified Column. This uses XllCenter + dX * Column.
Method CellToProjY Finds the Y-coordiante or Longitude corresponding to the specified Row. This uses YllCenter + dY * (NumRows - Row);
MethodBlue Clear This calls the MapWinGIS.Clear(value) method.
Method Close Wraps MapWinGIS.Close()
MethodBlue Constructor This function has 2 overloads.
Method CreateNew Creates a new instance of a MapWinGIS Grid according to the parameters required by IRaster
MethodBlue Dispose This function has 2 overloads.
Method Equals I don't really know that we want to code this here
MethodBlue Finalize Deconstructor (Same as calling Dispose)
Method GetFloatValues Converts all the values into a jagged array. The coordinates are stored [Y][X] in the resulting array. The index values range from 0 to NumCols - 1 for X and 0 to NumRows - 1 for Y
MethodBlue GetFloatWindow Returns a value like float Values[Y][X] where the block describes the window being specified
Method GetRow This function has 2 overloads.
MethodBlue GetValue This function has 2 overloads.
Method Open Attempts to open a file using the specified parameters. Given the popularity of the float data type, the grid will make an effort to open everything as a float data type.
MethodBlue OpenBand Not Implemented (MapWindow5.0 capability)
Method ProjToCell Fills the two referenced parameters (column, row) with a closest match to the double coordinates specified (x, y)
MethodBlue ProjToCellX This returns an integer Column that corresponds to the X-coordinate This uses (X - XLLcenter)/dx;
Method ProjToCellY This returns an integer Row that corresponds to the Y-coordinate.
MethodBlue PutFloatWindow An Accessor for the MapWinGIS.Grid PutFloatWindow method.
Method PutRow This function has 2 overloads.
MethodBlue PutValue This function has 2 overloads.
Method PutValues Given a jagged float array with Y major organization, assigns the values to the grid.
MethodBlue Save This function has 2 overloads.
Method SetInvalidValuesToNodata Not Implemented
MethodBlue ToGrid Returns the actual grid being used by this Raster class

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