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GetCrossSection(string ElevGrid, string PolyLine, string OutFileName, MapWinGeoProc.CrossSection.CrossSectionTypes CrossSectionType, MapWinGIS.ICallback ICallBack)


This creates a new shapefile that has Z values and follows along the same line segments. The boundaries for grid cells are marked with vertices and the segment is given a Z value that corresponds to the grid elevation it intersects.


Name Description
ElevGrid A string filename for the grid that contains the elevations.
PolyLine A string filename for a polyline shapefile that shows the pathways of the cross sections in the X-Y direction.
OutFileName A string containing the full path of the desired output shapefile. The extension should be *.shp
CrossSectionType Clarifies the type of output
ICallBack A MapWinGIS.ICallback for progress messages. [Optional]

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