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A modular control that can be used for specifying a filename for opening or closing files.


Name Description
Event Clicked Fires when the inactive areas around the controls are clicked on the element.
Event HelpButtonPressed Fires when the help button is clicked.
Event HelpContextChanged Fires when the the user enters a data entry region. Changes help without opening panel.
Event ResizeEnded Fires when the element is no longer being resized.
Event ResizeStarted Fires when the element is being resized.


Name Description
Field cmdHelp Help button
FieldBlue components Required designer variable.
Field groupBox1 A group box to surround individual components
FieldBlue lblLight Status Light


Name Description
FileAccessType Specifies whether an element is being used to open or save a file.
FileTypes Specifies a GIS file category to help narrow down the open/save file dialogs and improve the file format validation.
HelpButtonHandler Public delegate for when someone presses the help button
LightStatus Indicates the allowed values for the status of the element, illustrated by the light
ResizeEndedHandler Fires when the element is no longer being resized.
ResizeStartedHandler Delegate for the when someone starts resizing an element


Name Description
Property AllowGripResize Gets or sets a boolean. True if the user is allowed to adjust the width of theelement to better display longer filenames.
PropertyBlue AlternateImage Gets or Sets the alternate image that can be used in the help panel instead.
Property Caption Controls the caption for this element (the group box text)
PropertyBlue DefaultImage Gets or Sets the default image that will be used in the help panel.
Property FileAccess Gets or sets whether the file is opened or saved
PropertyBlue Filename Gets or sets the filename shown in the textbox for this element
Property FileType Gets or Sets the allowable file types by specifying shapefiles, images, or grids.
PropertyBlue Filter Gets or Sets the dialog filter to be used directly. Setting AllowedFileTypes willautomatically set this with the filter values allowed for grids, images or shapefiles.
Property Halt Boolean, true if either of the conditions that may prevent dialog completion are true
PropertyBlue HaltOnEmpty Gets or sets a boolean. True if an unspecified condition will prevent dialog completion.
Property HaltOnError Gets or sets a boolean. True if an Error status will prevent dialog completion.
PropertyBlue HelpButtonVisible Override the basic help button property change to also handle the text box resize
Property HelpImage Gets or Sets the image that will appear after the help text in the panel, if any.
PropertyBlue HelpText Gets or Sets the text to appear in the help pannel.
Property HelpTitle Gets or Sets the title to be shown in the help panel. Defaults to the Caption.
PropertyBlue LightMessage Gets or sets the tool tip that shows when you hold the mouse over the light
Property LightVisible Gets or sets whether the status light is visible for this element.
PropertyBlue MaxWidth Gets or sets the maximum allowable width for dynamic resize. The dialog form sets thisdynamically to the size of the container panel. This is because the behavior forresizing larger than the size of the panel is erratic because of the autoscrollingbehavior.
Property MinWidth Gets or sets the minimum allowable width for dynamic resizing. This specifically affectsthe behavior when the user uses the grip to resize the element.
PropertyBlue ResizeGripVisible Gets or sets whether a resize grip is provided for the user to change the dimensions of the control.
Property Status Indicates the current condition of this element.- Green = ok to continue- Yellow = not specified yet- Red = process halting error
PropertyBlue WikiAddress Gets or Sets the web address to use from the wiki button in the help panel.


Name Description
Method Constructor Creates a new instance of the FileElement class
MethodBlue Dispose Clean up any resources being used.
Method HelpText_Append Appends a string to the end of the help content
MethodBlue HelpText_Clear Clears the existing help content.
Method InitializeComponent Required method for Designer support - do not modify the contents of this method with the code editor.
MethodBlue OnClick Called to fire the click event for this element
Method OnHelpButtonPressed Called when the help button has been pressed
MethodBlue OnHelpContextChanged Called when the data entry field is entered to change a topic, but only if panel is visible
Method OnResizeEnded Fires when someone has stopped resizing with the grip
MethodBlue OnResizeStarted Fires when someone uses the resize grip to resize the element

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