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MapWindow Source Code Repository

Using TortoiseSVN to Anonymously Check Out Code

All of our code repositories are set up for anonymous download of source code. You can access the repository directly through a web browser at the links above. You should download data using a Subversion SVN client. We recommend TortoiseSVN. Here are some steps to help you get started accessing the repository:

1. Download and install TortoiseSVN
2. Create a "dev" folder somewhere on your C: drive
3. Right click in your dev folder and click "SVN Checkout"
4. Under "URL of repository" enter the direct URL to the SVN repository (from the list above)
5. Under "Checkout directory" enter the path where the source code will be placed. For example:
6. Click "OK". You may be asked to enter your user name and password at this point. Now the full source code repository will be downloaded to your computer.

Committing Code to the SVN Repository

If you have made changes or fixed bugs which you believe could be beneficial to other MapWindow users, please post a note to the developer section of the MapWindow discussion forum about the fix you have made. We'd be glad to give you an SVN user name and password and invite you to be a committer to the code repository. At that point, we'd also want to include your name and/or organization on the official list of members of the MapWindow Open Source Team.

To commit code, simply right click on the folder or file to be committed and click "SVN Commit". We've created a repository called "TestProject" that is meant to be used for testing by new SVN users. Please feel free to download this repository and make changes to it (sign the guestbook, add and remove subfolders and files, etc). Just don't remove the repository itself. By testing in the "TestProject" you can explore the capabilities of SVN without making changes to the main code bases. Every time you (or anyone for that matter) commits code to the repository, the other MapWindow developer team members get an email notice about it. You can sign up to get these notices as well on the MapWindow Mailing Lists page.


If you're having trouble using TortoiseSVN (or any other Subversion client), please ask on the discussion forums to see if others have experienced similar problems and how they solved them.

Corporate Firewalls have known to cause problems when trying to use SVN. If you are behind a corporate firewall try using the secure https:// protocol.

Norton Personal Firewall has been known to cause problems with TortoiseSVN, so please try disabling it while checking out code to see if that remedies the problem.

Binaries: In most cases we have not included binaries in the MapWindow repositories. However, the "bin" folder in the MapWindow40 application folder ususally contains a compiled version of the MapWinGIS ActiveX control, though it may not be the most current version. If you do commit folders and files, please ensure not to add any files to the repository that are not critical source code files (i.e. try not to add the Visual Studio .NET ".suo" files, etc.)

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